ToS & Data Privacy


As this is my private, not for profit service that I created for myself and chose to share with others for free, there are some rules associated with using it.

General terms and conditions

By registering an email with the Honeymail service, you are entering into a contractual agreement for Honeymail to provide you with an alias email service, that may or may not point to your personal email address. The use of the email address you register is described in our personal data usage policy. You may request to close your account at any time.

Please note that:

  1. This service is a private, not for profit research project, considered to be “Proof of Concept”.
  2. This service is provided on “AS-IS” basis only, without any warranty, suggested or implied.
  3. By using this service you agree to do so at your own risk and accept all of the terms presented on this page.
  4. In case of important changes affecting the service, I reserve the right to notify you by sending an email directly to your real e-mail address.

Personal Data Usage Policy

In order to deliver the Honeymail service, the following data is stored and processed:

What Retention time Description or reason for storage/processing
Your real email address Until account closed Required to deliver the service; replaced with generic placeholder on account closure.

Account closure is irreversible!
Honeymail generated alias Forever Randomly generated and mapped to real email address - required to deliver the service; once account is closed alias is deactivated and remains linked to the disabled account. Alias will never be returned to address pool to avoid any potential account hijacking attacks.
Comment associated with honeymail alias Until account closed Comment is integral part of Honeymail alias; replaced by generic placeholder on account closure.
‘1st sender’ - 3rd party email address Until account closed or alias reset For legitimate processing of our service, 3rd party email addresses are stored as part of an alias and used for research and analytics. If you believe your personal email address has been collected, you can request for it to be removed (see Contacting Honeymail below).

The 3rd party email address can be reset at the alias owner’s request (see FAQ/Help). It is replaced by generic placeholder on account closure.
Created but not yet activated aliases Minimum 1hr If user requesting creation of alias doesn’t activate it within 60 minutes, activation link expires and alias will be automatically purged next time the ‘create’ operation is invoked.
Email messages Service delivery time Actual email message sent to Honeymail alias is stored for the minimum time required to check Honeymail database and re-route to actual recipient.

Actual storage time depends on how quickly the message can be delivered to its destination.

The above data is NOT shared with any 3rd parties and is only used by the Honeymail service for processing, research and analytics purposes.

Service Logs

Default MTA logs are created to help with debugging of any technical issues. MTA logs are further stored for 10 days and then automatically deleted.

Contacting Honeymail

Please contact the Honeymail service for any subject access requests. This can be done by sending email to tomasz[at] Requests will be responded to in a timely manner.

Please check this page from time to time as content may change…

Last change: 28 April 2018