Another relocation for

After years of running the server in Iceland, the our hosting provider decided they can no longer in good spirit support the technical infrastructure on which the machine was based and offered a new platform to replace it. Hat tip to them for being very open and upfront about it - thank you Edis!

Separately, for quite a while actually, I was looking at options to lower the monthly operating cost, which I cover from my own pocket and across 10+ years it does add up. It was never meant to be for-profit project and I think I know most of the users personally, so I’m happy to keep it going as long as it is feasible :-)

Finally, the purpose of Honeyail is to help catch cases where emai is sold/leaked or otherwise made public and then abused. It was never a goal to hide emails from anyone or prevent spying, so having server in Iceland was nice to have, but ever a necessity.

Where are we now?

As of 22 July 2021, we are back where it all started - that is back in the UK and eating your spam ;-P