Future Plans

Sorry, but there is no plans to do any further development. As this is personal project, it will be used as-is.

Here is a brief list of ideas, how this platform could be extended:

  1. Some statistics for tracking spam sources - likely options:
    • By geographical location (GeoIP)
    • By netblock
    • By connection type (very “average” accuracy)
  2. Development of “Mean Time To Spam (MTTS)” metric - statistics about how long on average it takes for a new email alias to start receiving spam and broken down into more specific reports (source filters)
  3. Various statistics about mail flows - DNS, MX hop counts, dealys, etc. There’s a ton of data in the headers!
  4. Add more domains so email aliases will be outside of honeymail.net which right now is an obvious give away…
  5. Nice and civilised message layout, website improvements, etc - design work :-)