FAQ / Help

What is my.honeymail.net

This is the command center of the whole system. All requests are submitted via e-mail (no web interface!). It accepts the following commands:
  • create - create new alias associated to your email
  • list - list all aliases that you have created (including comments)
  • pause - suspend deliveries unless decided otherwise
  • resume - exactly the opposite of pause
  • reset - in case you want to reset alias to clean state and forget first sender info
Send commands via email?!

Yes - each command is a separate account on our system, so you send message to <command>@my.honeymail.net.
Sometimes you will have to provide parameters to your request - parameters are always placed in a Subject line of your e-mail.

Command  Parameter required?Parameter desciription
 createOptional Optional comment you want to attach to your new alias - this is the only way to describe what you want to use the alias for. This comment is limited to 250 characters maximum.
 listNo --- 
 pauseYes The e-mail alias to be paused (and of course it has to be one of yours)
 resumeYes The e-mail alias to be resumed
 resetYes Forget the first sender - may become handy in some cases

Why do I have to click any links?

E-mail messages can be very easily spoofed. I can send e-mail pretending to be you, I could request new aliases for you or manipulate the system in any way I want if it was based just on email commands. Confirmation URLs are not much better but at least give reasonable certainty, that:
  1. you are the original requestor (because you can not only send but also read messages sent to the alias owner)
  2. you are sure that you want to do what you requested
It is important to note, that confirmation URLs are valid only for 60 minutes from the time honeymail.net has generated the email response. If you run out of time, please resend your request - this will generate new confirmation code valid for 60 minutes.